I’m back, but not been away

Well, time does fly. I had no idea it had been so long since I last posted an update, some six months since. In that time, I have been busy writing and doing so much, which I will update here shortly.

I post this blog on Goodreads and it gets linked as soon as I do on Amazon, but also on my own personal website at www.davidcowdall.com. Feel free to follow me on any of these sites for updates on what I am working on.
I fully intend to get back to updating much more on here now and offering my thoughts on what has been happening and what is to come.

New Books

First and foremost, time to catch up on my new books. In the months since last writing to this blog, I am pleased to say I have written to follow up on my novel Missing.

Missing by D.J. Cowdall

It is a continuation of the story and characters that began in this book and focuses still on their struggles and their lives as they deal with loss and poverty.
Beyond this, I have expanded the story to encompass new characters and events, some of which are new to me as a writer. Many who write tend to focus on a single niche and grow their audience from there, and whilst I do love the areas of fiction I am strong in, such as with novels about dogs as well as about people with Missing, I love writing so much that I can’t help but explore science fiction, horror, teenage novels, and even children’s works.
The expansion of what I have written about with the second in the Missing series is as I say new to me, but one I wish to explore. I have no certainty about whether it works, only my readers can tell me that, but I very much enjoyed it and will build on that.
The Missing series of novels will continue to expand and I have at least six in the series in mind.

The second book is titled: Missing: The Disappearance of Sally-Anne

Missing The Disappearance of Sally-Anne by D.J. Cowdall

and is on sale now on Amazon and free to read in the Kindle Lending Library.

My second novel which has just launched is a follow-up to last year’s The Dog That Wouldn’t Sit. It is simply called Book 2 and follows on with the adventures of the world’s most obstinate woman and her equally awkward dog. The battle of wills is all about fun and growing to know each other. I had a huge amount of fun writing it and when editing it I laughed a lot. I’m not sure if that is a good thing, laughing at my own work, but others who have read it found it enjoyable.

The Dog That Wouldn’t Sit 2 is on sale now on Amazon.

This is intended as a long series of books, and possibly as many as ten full-length installments in the series, so readers will get to know about all their antics and share in all their love and joy for a long time to come.

What’s Next?

I intend to write my longest, most in-depth novel to date about dogs, which I have begun writing and should hopefully be on sale by late Spring. I won’t say much about what it is about, but it will be a full-length novel and one which I have been planning on writing for a long time. I am very excited to see readers’ responses when it launches.


Thank you to all those people who have left me reviews, on Goodreads and Amazon. I very much appreciate it. I must admit to being amazed to see that at the time of writing this over 450 people have left ratings and reviews on The Dog Under The Bed on Amazon, and more than that on Goodreads. A lot of my books have garnered reviews and ratings now and I must say they help me a great deal. I always read comments and do my very best to learn from them. Again, thank you for taking the time to do that.

Thank you to all of you who have continued to buy my books, it really is special of you to do that and pushes me to do better and more.


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New Novella – On Sale Now!

The Dog That Wouldn’t Sit

Book 2

From the author of The Dog Under The Bed series comes another fun dog adventure.

“Champion and Ethel both watched on, neither in any mood to do anything, let alone help. Both were united in being awkward. They watched as Amanda tried to smile at them while hopping and tugging, struggling to remove her boots.”

They’re back! And more awkward than ever.

Take one stubborn woman, mix with a pinch of stubborn dog, and create a cake of obstinacy and fun.

Book 2 of The Dog That Wouldn’t Sit series brings the two closer together but enjoying more of a battle than ever.

Ethel finds the missing ingredient in her life, the one thing she needed to be happy, but of course she will never admit it. Champion finds the missing ingredient in his life, missing every single day until he gets it: Food!

As each battles the other to get one over on the other while both shared a home filled with love, Book 2 of The Dog That Wouldn’t Sit Series is a novel full of laughter and love that you’ll never forget.

A novel filled with fun and laughter, Book 2 continues the joy ahead for them both.

The Dog That Wouldn’t Sit: Book 2


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Quote From The Book:

“Walking over to her bedside cabinet she pulled open the drawer and slid the frames in. They were dusty but soon she would pick them up again, clean them and have another look. Maybe she would shed a tear, maybe she would show a smile, but she would acknowledge him, and the times they shared. Soon.”

“Now she felt so different, a reminder of days so long ago when she had looked forward to each morning, seeking something new to do with each day, enjoying the liveliness and vibrancy of the fruit that life had to offer.”

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New Premium Novel On Sale Now

Missing: The Disappearance of Sally-Anne

Have you ever been left behind?

How do you pick up the pieces of your life when you’re left alone? Who do you turn to when others are looking to you for help?

Liz Cornwell has been left, like so many, but with the inner determination and strength, she gained from a loving mother she does what she has to for her children. The toughest lesson she has learned is that she is as good as anyone, and deserves as much respect as anybody.

Coming to terms with starting again in life is the toughest road ahead, but one she refuses to give up on. The impossibility of remaining positive and showing belief in the face of loss and poverty, but no matter what she will not give up.

With each day that passes Liz looks out for her children and rebuilds their lives, all the while creating a new home for them. Along the way, she will meet Bill, the council worker with a glint in his eye, and Simon the kindly shopkeeper who reminds her of the best of us.

All the while, coping with life and simply managing to put food on the table, Liz still finds it in her heart to care for others and meets Mavis, the unusual woman who walks alone on the streets of Chester. Through this chance meeting, she will learn of Sally-Anne, a young child missing for so long, and the questions that remain about just what happened to her.

Missing: The Disappearance of Sally-Anne is a powerful story of one woman’s ongoing struggle to live a life with courage and decency while coming to terms with another woman’s loss. She will find out truths that should remain hidden, and through it discover things about herself she never believed possible.

Missing: the Disappearance of Sally-Anne is the follow up to the emotional roller-coaster of Liz Cornwell and her family as they struggle to overcome every obstacle and remain together.

Quotes from the book:

“As melancholy as she felt over such things she could never escape from the belief that she was an individual, someone entitled to her hopes and dreams, and that life would never truly end until it actually did. It was a hope she was born and raised with, but at the moment it felt just slightly hollow, as she closed the door to an empty home and silence which resonated with her thoughts.”


“As she stepped into the house it felt like stepping into the past, as if the house held all it memories in its walls. The carpets were thick and plush but old, bland colors washed away by time. The hallway was small, square in shape with white walls and a small brown table in one corner that held nothing. The air was a sweet mixture of flowers and mustiness, as if Mavis had tried to hide either its age or the fact that time had stood still inside with a wall of hidden flowers.”

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