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Missing: The Disappearance of Sally-Anne

Have you ever been left behind?

How do you pick up the pieces of your life when you’re left alone? Who do you turn to when others are looking to you for help?

Liz Cornwell has been left, like so many, but with the inner determination and strength, she gained from a loving mother she does what she has to for her children. The toughest lesson she has learned is that she is as good as anyone, and deserves as much respect as anybody.

Coming to terms with starting again in life is the toughest road ahead, but one she refuses to give up on. The impossibility of remaining positive and showing belief in the face of loss and poverty, but no matter what she will not give up.

With each day that passes Liz looks out for her children and rebuilds their lives, all the while creating a new home for them. Along the way, she will meet Bill, the council worker with a glint in his eye, and Simon the kindly shopkeeper who reminds her of the best of us.

All the while, coping with life and simply managing to put food on the table, Liz still finds it in her heart to care for others and meets Mavis, the unusual woman who walks alone on the streets of Chester. Through this chance meeting, she will learn of Sally-Anne, a young child missing for so long, and the questions that remain about just what happened to her.

Missing: The Disappearance of Sally-Anne is a powerful story of one woman’s ongoing struggle to live a life with courage and decency while coming to terms with another woman’s loss. She will find out truths that should remain hidden, and through it discover things about herself she never believed possible.

Missing: the Disappearance of Sally-Anne is the follow up to the emotional roller-coaster of Liz Cornwell and her family as they struggle to overcome every obstacle and remain together.

Quotes from the book:

“As melancholy as she felt over such things she could never escape from the belief that she was an individual, someone entitled to her hopes and dreams, and that life would never truly end until it actually did. It was a hope she was born and raised with, but at the moment it felt just slightly hollow, as she closed the door to an empty home and silence which resonated with her thoughts.”


“As she stepped into the house it felt like stepping into the past, as if the house held all it memories in its walls. The carpets were thick and plush but old, bland colors washed away by time. The hallway was small, square in shape with white walls and a small brown table in one corner that held nothing. The air was a sweet mixture of flowers and mustiness, as if Mavis had tried to hide either its age or the fact that time had stood still inside with a wall of hidden flowers.”

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