DJ Cowdall is the author of the hugely popular ‘The Dog Under The Bed Series’. He is a British Author, having spent many years writing and publishing short stories, now writing novels of all types

Released January 2018, his novel, “‘The Dog Under The Bed”, is a charming and funny tale about a stray dog in need of a home, which has received a huge response from readers

He has also authored a book about his time living in Africa and his experiences with his two amazing dogs, titled ‘Two Dogs In Africa’

Following the success and acclaim of “The Dog Under The Bed”, David has released a follow up titled ‘The Dog Under The Bed 2: Arthur On The Streets’, which is available now on Amazon worldwide in Kindle and paperback

Also available from DJ Cowdall are a varied selection of books, such as ‘I Was A Teenage Necromancer series’, ‘The Kids of Pirate Island’ and ‘The Magic Christmas Tree’

Due out now is his latest book, ‘Missing’, and due this summer is the conclusion to the ‘Dog Under The Bed’ series, subtitled: ‘What Happened Next’

He is the father of one Daughter, Maya, and she is his biggest fan!

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