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Have you ever been left behind?

It can happen to any of us, without warning, often without explanation. We live our lives, thinking everything is fine, and then one day someone tells us they don’t love us, or that they’re no longer happy. Some simply walk away, and some simply never get the chance to say goodbye. Often those left behind have no clue what happened, to their lives or the people they thought they would spend the rest of their lives with

Liz Cornwell is a woman much like any other, with two children, a pretty home and a life of acceptance for how it was supposed to be. Until the day she finds herself alone, with no money, no hope and no prospects for the future

This is a tale of how one woman faces up to the realities of her life, where control was something she had long forgotten. Liz learns to cope and changes with events, even as they threaten to overwhelm her and her children

Anybody can change, for good or bad, but how we deal with this change, and how we transform, compromise and adapt determines how we succeed in our lives ahead

One woman steps up to the challenge, facing a never ending barrage of debt, loss and heartache. She will not give in, will not stop fighting for what she believes in, no matter what it might cost her

Missing is a tale of loss overcome by belief, of the strength of family, and how one woman proves against all odds that whatever happens, life goes on

An Emotional roller-coaster ride as a family find their lives falling apart. From loss to debt, to homelessness, and one woman’s struggle to hold it all together.

Quotes from the book:

“Everything seemed to pass in a blur, as she dropped change everywhere for the bus, then struggled to find enough to pay her way, then struggled again to find a suitable empty seat even though the bus was empty. The roads and fields outside were like her mind, leaving no impression, as if they were unreal. The journey into town felt like a dream, that she was drifting along, no longer in her own body, totally out of control.”


“The skies were ever white, signifying the bitter cold outside, and the onset of winter. Leaves had long fallen to the ground, as plants and trees had withered away and flowers died back to black. It was as if her life had diminished subtly, and everything around her reflected that, decaying and turning to ash, becoming nothing more than dusty memories of a better time. She wondered of those times, trying to imagine a happier moment, but for all she did, they were always tainted by something bad happening, however minor.”

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