Short Story: Inferno, Written and Narrated by DJ Cowdall, Free on YouTube.

As part of my ongoing YouTube channel dedicated to my narrating my books and stories, I have added one of the short stories that is part of my older back catalogue.

The story was published on Amazon way back in 2016, and remains on sale today. As I have moved on to longer works, novels and the like, I no longer write short stories.

I have written a great many of these of the years, most of which were published in magazines and newspapers, most of which are now defunct with the advent of the digital age.

You can enjoy the story for free by clicking here, or visiting my channel at YouTube.

I have also narrated and added another short story, The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe, narrated by myself. These and others are on my channel.

Any comments or feedback on the story or my naration are very welcome.

As always, I continue to work on my new novel. More news on that soon.

Take Care.


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