Short Story: Inferno, Written and Narrated by DJ Cowdall, Free on YouTube.

As part of my ongoing YouTube channel dedicated to my narrating my books and stories, I have added one of the short stories that is part of my older back catalogue.

The story was published on Amazon way back in 2016, and remains on sale today. As I have moved on to longer works, novels and the like, I no longer write short stories.

I have written a great many of these of the years, most of which were published in magazines and newspapers, most of which are now defunct with the advent of the digital age.

You can enjoy the story for free by clicking here, or visiting my channel at YouTube.

I have also narrated and added another short story, The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe, narrated by myself. These and others are on my channel.

Any comments or feedback on the story or my naration are very welcome.

As always, I continue to work on my new novel. More news on that soon.

Take Care.


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Two New Poems and New Book Update


I am pleased to tell you two new videos are available on my DJ Cowdall YouTube channel. Both are poems that I have narrated.

The first is Spring by John Clare. It is a short poem, another about nature and I think a very fine piece.

The second is The Bridge, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. This is a longer piece, and one that I found particularly emotive and inspiring.

As always, these are narrated by me as practice for eventually narrating my audio books. On this channel, I will add more first chapters of my own books, fully narrated by me, and I think next up will be a short story. I am uncertain whether this will be one of my own or another’s.



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I am pleased to say progress on The Dog That Wouldn’t Sit 3 is going very well. I am very happy with it and I don’t think it will be long at all before a release.
It certainly helps with the lovely weather lately in the UK, and I have been sitting out a lot enjoying the sun and writing a great deal.


I am sure everyone is getting a little tired of hearing AI mentioned so much in the news. The interesting part for some in all of this is the use of software to narrate our books into audio books by machine. As of right now, audio book publishers generally do not allow for this, but that may change. What I have seen and heard of machine narrated prose seems quite good, but doing this is expensive for now, and it has plenty of problems, such as odd pauses and an uncanny sense of the voice not being real, still.
Personally, I am more than happy to fully narrate my own books. I think the benefit I have is that I am the author and the narrator, and so can choose to do this. I am not reliant on being hired by others to do the work, and I don’t have to employ others to do my work for me.
Another aspect is that I believe people will appreciate actually hearing the author of a book narrate their own works, rather than from a machine or an unknown voice.
I am sure there are plenty of people out there that don’t mind or care, but if given the choice, I know what I would prefer.
The future is definitely going to be interesting in this space, that is for sure.


Thank you so much for your ongoing support. It matters so much and I always appreciate and develop and learn from your feedback.

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