Fallout Dreams: 2) I can feel something, hear something.

The air is so dank I find it hard to breathe. I can hear some kind of skittering sounds around me, hidden but enough so that it makes my skin crawl.

All I am wearing are shorts and a vest, and I feel as if I have slept a thousand years. There isn’t much light, but what there is I can see lots of cubicles, mostly empty, but a few with broken glass, like the one I seem to have lived in.

Was I born here? I don’t even know my name, if I even have one.

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Premium Short Story Release – A Breath of Magic

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Short Story Release – Kites

What begins as a simple day out flying kites between father and young son, soon develops into an unwanted adventure of flight, following in the footsteps of Japanese Warrior, Shirawa Kenozaki.

Kites is an illusory tale of a bond between parent and sibling, with a literal flight of fantasy.

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Full Length Novel Release – The Kids of Pirate Island

My new book is on sale, which is aimed at all ages, and a lot of fun. If you ever enjoyed your summer holidays, warm weather, the seaside, just being with friends, this will take you back to those times and all the joy you had with it.

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The Kids of Pirate Island – On Sale Now

The Kids of Pirate Island
On sale now.
The Kids of Pirate Island
On Sale Now

It’s summer time, and that means holidays, which means… Adventure.
No long hot boring summers for David, Martin, John and Jane, just pirate adventures, falling in the sea, rope ladders off cliffs, seagulls with an eye on your chips, and not forgetting the treasure!
Join the gang on a crazy, funny adventure like you’ve never read.
A family novel, lovingly crafted about life in North Yorkshire, for a gang who just wanted to have a bit of fun