Premium Short Story Release: Sacrifice

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“Set in the Scottish Highlands, an eerie tale of a man alone, surrounded by darkness, voices whispering around him, as fate beckons.
A powerful tale, of family, love and fear of loss. One man stands up for what be believes is right, prepared to sacrifice all for the good of others, and the end that none of them could imagine.
A perfect horror story, to be read alone, in the dark, under the covers!

Do you dare?”




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New Novel, On Sale Now! – The Magic Christmas Tree by DJ Cowdall




It’s Christmas, a magical time for families everywhere. Except one family isn’t celebrating. They have lost the goodwill and love of the time. Journey with Jacob, on his amazing adventure into the Magic Christmas Tree, and explore a world of wonderful and exciting characters, from Dwarves to Magic Throwing Giants, to The Neverborn and even Pancake Man.
Hold Jacob’s hand as he rediscovers his love for life, his family and Christmas.
A fabulous Christmas adventure filled with imagination and spectacle, for all ages.


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Fallout Dreams: 6) It Truly Does Look Like A Wasteland

As I look out onto the great expanse, I am struck by how bleak it appears. I can see to the shimmering heat in the distance what appears like a broken landscape of desert and vegetation. Beyond this outcrop from where I am stood, this grey rock, it appears to be a steep drop downwards. Continue reading Fallout Dreams: 6) It Truly Does Look Like A Wasteland

Fallout Dreams: 5) Entering the Wasteland.

I did it, I really did it.

It took all my strength to build up to just look at the control panel. The moment I made the decision to go and look, to actually make an effort to go outside, I began to panic. Wondering just what might be out there, but how could I know, I don’t even know who I am, what my name is, anything about why I am here, and given that, of course I would have no idea what to expect. Continue reading Fallout Dreams: 5) Entering the Wasteland.

Fallout Dreams: 4) Strange creatures.

I got attacked. I don’t understand it, I knew cockroaches could get quite large, seen a few in my time, even hissing ones, but these things, they’re as big as a cat. There were five of them, making a terrible clicking noises. At first I thought they wouldn’t bother me, but one of them seemed to notice and the others followed. I got bitten, feels painful. I swiped a piece of metal pipe and smashed out at them, just swinging in a frenzy. Continue reading Fallout Dreams: 4) Strange creatures.

Fallout Dreams: 3) I need food, I must eat.

I feel confused, my memory is so poor, I can’t focus on the faces in my mind of the people I think I know. I don’t even know who I am myself.

The skittering around is so annoying, I just have to do something about it. It sounds like the cockroaches I used to get in my flat, where at night, head on my pillow I could hear them scratching around. They sound much louder now, making me wonder if there are a lot more of them. Nightmares. Continue reading Fallout Dreams: 3) I need food, I must eat.

Fallout Dreams: 2) I can feel something, hear something.

The air is so dank I find it hard to breathe. I can hear some kind of skittering sounds around me, hidden but enough so that it makes my skin crawl.

All I am wearing are shorts and a vest, and I feel as if I have slept a thousand years. There isn’t much light, but what there is I can see lots of cubicles, mostly empty, but a few with broken glass, like the one I seem to have lived in.

Was I born here? I don’t even know my name, if I even have one.

Continue reading Fallout Dreams: 2) I can feel something, hear something.

Premium Short Story Release – A Breath of Magic

New Premium Short Story On Sale Now.


“A fine tale of Occult and mystery, as a strange bookseller welcomes new customers into his shop, and much more. A beautifully written short tale of magic and wonder, but all is not what it seems…”

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Breath of Magic Front Cover


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