My Short Fiction

my short fiction


“Set in the Scottish Highlands, an eerie tale of a man alone, surrounded by darkness, voices whispering around him, as fate beckons.
A powerful tale, of family, love and fear of loss. One man stands up for what be believes is right, prepared to sacrifice all for the good of others, and the end that none of them could imagine.
A perfect horror story, to be read alone, in the dark, under the covers!

Do you dare?”




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A Breath of Magic by DJ Cowdall

“A fine tale of Occult and mystery, as a strange bookseller welcomes new customers into his shop, and much more. A beautifully written short tale of magic and wonder, but all is not what it seems…”

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A Completely Free Full Length Short Story by DJ Cowdall!

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The Day The World Stopped Loving by DJ Cowdall




Kites by DJ Cowdall

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What begins as a simple day out flying kites between father and young son, soon develops into an unwanted adventure of flight, following in the footsteps of Japanese Warrior, Shirawa Kenozaki. Kites is an illusory tale of a bond between parents and siblings, with a literal flight of fantasy. Will you join them on the flight into mythical skies?

Inferno by DJ Cowdall


DJ_Cowdall - Inferno Cover

One man’s dream of space, and his bravery to explore for just one last dying wish. An eclectic short piece, written stylishly, Science Fiction in a vivid blur of emotion.

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