Fallout Dreams: 1) An End to My Dreams.

I woke up this morning, feeling cold and alone. For a time I had no idea where I was, until I opened my eyes, allowed them to adjust, and then, I realized the truth: I am alone.

This machine that I have been in, I have no memory of how I got into it. I was shivering, feeling the frenetic negative energy of relentless cold. This chamber I was laid in, so covered in frost, water dripping away from it. Could it have been my tomb? My place to rest for eternity?

The glass covering it had broken, releasing whatever elements that kept from me from being awake, alive. As I breath, I see white vapor pour from my lips, and it feels as if I am breathing out life from myself, into the world around me.

I pushed hard on the case, I rebelled, striking out as fear ate into me, that I was trapped. It shattered, and the lid spilled across the floor.

Now I am stood, in the darkness, except for small lights, flickering around me, suggesting an occasional warmth that perhaps does not exist.

Am I alive? What is life? I do not know. All I know for now, is that I can think, and I can feel. I am naked to the world, and have no choice but to go on…

Please feel free to post comments on what you think. New parts being added regularly.

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