Fallout Dreams: 7) Gunfire and Predators

I have no means to fight back, other than an empty pistol and a metal pipe. I’m hiding behind some rubble, a piece of fallen building and debris, around the corner from where the shots are coming from.

Whoever is firing at me, keeps screaming obscenities, as if I am some kind of sworn enemy. One of them sounds like a woman, but she is extremely angry. She screams something odd: She wants to eat the meat from my bones, and celebrate by drinking my blood. Horrible.

I didn’t see it coming, one of them just suddenly appeared right next to me as I was crouched. When I looked up all I could see was the sun crashing down, blinding me. I instinctively put my arm up, not only to block the intense light, but to try to shield myself. In several blinks of an eye, I realized it was the woman who had been screaming, I saw she didn’t have a gun, only a large stick in her hand with nails pointing out, and she raised up at me, a look in her eyes that seemed insane, hell bent on my destruction.

She yelled something awful, my mind was a blur, and I cannot quite remember what she said, but I just felt her intent. I can barely recall what happened next, but something about me made her pause, merely a heartbeat in time, but enough so that as she stood, wide eyed, I was able to leap up and strike her.

Whatever I did, it was enough. I cracked my pipe against the side of her head and she just dropped, empty as if the wind had taken her like a kite, before flopping to the ground.

I thought to take her stick, but before I could do so another of them rounded on me, this time he had a pistol, same as mine, and he began to aim it at me. Without thinking I rush lifted the stick of hers, swung it hard and it twisted in the air before cracking him in the face. One of the nails slashed into him, and in his shock he dropped his gun. It all just seemed to (luckily) go right for me, and I managed to grab his gun, cock its hammer and fire off a shot. Got him square between the eyes.

I don’t recall being so lucky, but then I don’t recall anything, but it certainly seems I have an knack with guns.

As it seemed I was being lucky I ran at the last of them, rounded the corner, up what was left of some steps and when I had an angle, spotted the third of the crazies, and fired, one shot, bang, gone. Down in one fell swoop.

So in nothing more than a few moments, it is over. I fought for my life, in a way that I did not imagine I could, and I came out alive. More than I can say for these three crazies, but then, they don’t altogether seem human.

One of them has a necklace, one of the men, but it’s actually made up of what seem to be human teeth. I checked, and they all have their own very clean and very sharp teeth intact. Must be from others, their prey perhaps.

I searched all three, they were wearing one or two bits of armor, and some leather clothes which look too constrictive for me, so I skipped those. I’ll keep what I have on for now, but the armor might help.

The woman had some things on her, a small silver ring, might be able to trade it, and some food. A tin of something called crab cakes, sounds awful, but might be needed, and some red meat, smells off, strange and I don’t recognize it, but I left it. I shudder to imagine what it might be.

There is some bedding up at the top of the steps, and some bottled water. Not exactly sanctuary, but good for now. I shall rest. I spotted a door, it appears intact, and I might go in later. See what I can find.

For now, I shall lay here on this bedding for now, sleep if I can for sure, but for certain, keep one eye open…

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