Fallout Dreams: 3) I need food, I must eat.

I feel confused, my memory is so poor, I can’t focus on the faces in my mind of the people I think I know. I don’t even know who I am myself.

The skittering around is so annoying, I just have to do something about it. It sounds like the cockroaches I used to get in my flat, where at night, head on my pillow I could hear them scratching around. They sound much louder now, making me wonder if there are a lot more of them. Nightmares.

Oh how I wish for a soft, warm pillow right now.

Just in case, I searched around, looked for something solid to protect myself, found an old piece of metal pipe, quite heavy. Anything comes my way, I am prepared.

As I walk down the corridors, up the few steps into each new room, I can see small lights occasionally on the walls, providing not just a source to see, but shadows that move as I walk. It creeps me out.

My feet are cold on the hard, wet concrete; must find some shoes or boots soon.

I can hear water dripping somewhere, but other than that I am alone in the silence, and I feel very lonely.

There was another door at the end of the corridor, looked very heavy, but when I pushed against it, it moved easily aside. A large room stands before me, with metal lockers around the walls and a table, knocked over in the middle of the floor. There are some broken chairs here, looks like there has been some kind of fight.

I am ready.

Amazing! I found a hand gun, looks in excellent condition. It was in an old lunch box, which was very worn, but when I opened it, here was this thing. No bullets though, I’ll keep searching.

I need food, and some drink, can’t go much longer without, my stomach aches. I found an old workman’s vest too, something else to cover me. It’s not much, but better than the slight thing I had on.

Got to go out now, through the next door, but the weird sounds I keep hearing, the scratching, moving, almost as if beyond that door is alive, I have to go there.

I cannot go back, no point now, through there is the only choice. I shall push hard on it and see.

Wish me luck…

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