Fallout Dreams: 4) Strange creatures.

I got attacked. I don’t understand it, I knew cockroaches could get quite large, seen a few in my time, even hissing ones, but these things, they’re as big as a cat. There were five of them, making a terrible clicking noises. At first I thought they wouldn’t bother me, but one of them seemed to notice and the others followed. I got bitten, feels painful. I swiped a piece of metal pipe and smashed out at them, just swinging in a frenzy.

I have never been so terrified in all my life. I wake up to this stinking tomb, dripping water and faded lights, and endless oceans of silence; then this.

I feel like I have sinned and dropped into hell.

There are storage lockers in here, I opened a few as they weren’t locked. Got some ammunition for a gun, not sure what type but it doesn’t fit this gun I have.

My arm is scratched, and going to need some bandages or a plaster or something.

I can see ahead now into an open complex, as I walk there are rooms leading off, one looks like a kitchen, I shall go look in a moment, but others appear to have beds in them. If this place weren’t so devoid of life or even fresh air I might have tried to make a base here, but all I can think about is getting away.

The kitchen area, there is a fridge and inside are some tins of food, the label I don’t recognize. Some other food in it has gone off, no chance of eating that. There is a sink, some water ran out when I tried it, but it is brown, doesn’t look safe, so I will wait.

There is a large circular wheel thing ahead, which looks to be the way out. Before that is a control panel, and funnily enough it is lit up. I wonder if I should take a look, but what if the door opens and there is something terrible outside, waiting for me?

I have to go. There’s not enough here to keep me alive, I know that.

One of the bedrooms, if you can call them that, sheet metal walls with paint flaking off, and a simple cot with cabinet beside, it had a photograph frame on it. The picture seemed to be of a family, but not mine. I don’t recognize them.

I don’t know why, but I removed the picture, folded it up and put it in my jacket pocket. A weird kind of company perhaps.

Yes! Found some clothes in another bedroom area, in a locker. Not much, trousers, thick shirt, a bit baggy, and some boots, good enough to keep the cold out.

I’m making some kind of progress. I’m going to open this door, if it will work, and go outside.

Wish me luck.

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