Fallout Dreams: 8) Dreams and Nightmares

I slept heavily. I hadn’t intended to do so, or spend so long in one place. I keep berating myself for allowing it, because it is relatively open, though still out of the way, and anyone could have sneaked up on me, stolen what little possessions I have acquired, and even perhaps killed me. Continue reading Fallout Dreams: 8) Dreams and Nightmares

Premium Short Story Release: Sacrifice

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“Set in the Scottish Highlands, an eerie tale of a man alone, surrounded by darkness, voices whispering around him, as fate beckons.
A powerful tale, of family, love and fear of loss. One man stands up for what be believes is right, prepared to sacrifice all for the good of others, and the end that none of them could imagine.
A perfect horror story, to be read alone, in the dark, under the covers!

Do you dare?”




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